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C Lund & Son Ltd has been producing high quality concrete work for over 60 years in Canterbury, providing value to our clients and confidence to designers. We now have the capability to produce high quality Architectural concrete components including GRC cladding panels, a natural progression building on our many years of high quality concrete construction. C Lund & Son Ltd’s modern and purpose built concrete production facilities are located at our Christchurch yard and include an indoor GRC production area.


GRC is a well-established material internationally and has several advantages as it allows for the production of strong, lightweight, highly detailed, and thin elements. GRC can be shaped in any form, in a variety of colours and with a multitude of surface pattern and texture options. GRC has significant benefits to the construction program, as the connection details are quick to erect and durability is equal to a precast panel at a fraction of the weight (up to 80% lighter). C Lund & Son Ltd has a new state of the art GRC production facility that is capable of producing large volumes of high quality, complex, and intricate GRC elements. Our production staff are well trained and our QA procedures and facilities are well established.

GRC is used for a wide range of applications where it’s flexibility with regard to form, durability, and lower weight allow constructions that would otherwise not be achievable in other materials.

    • Commercial cladding – the reduced weight of GRC over precast cladding assists designers by reducing structural loadings, both in gravity, and in seismic actions. This in turn minimises deflections, member sizes and depths, and foundation loads leading to a more effective design over all.

    • Architectural features – GRC allows designers far more flexibility than any other material to incorporate large reliefs, colours, and textures into their design. The ability of the material to follow the shape of a mould at a constant thickness means that forms can be created without significant increases in weight.

    • Landscaping – GRC is also able to be incorporated into landscaping elements such as tables, chairs, planters and features to create consistency with the design of the structure.