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Heller Tasty

This project entailed the construction of some very large structures in very tight timeframes. The sheer scale of the building coupled with the fact that it is a food processing plant meant that the work was both complex and precise. The extensions to the Hellers factory included a main factory with 3200m2 of floor area devoted to freezers, pick chillers and goods stores. There is also a 1200m2 'Ready to Eat' (RTE) plant where small goods are produced.


Add to this a large docking station known as the Western Yard' and 2000m2 space devoted to office space above the new factory. C Lund & Son Ltd held the responsibility to coordinate the project as well as provide all of the substructures and foundations; interior framing and precast panels, nibs and beams as well as all office fit out work.


Specialist subcontract work included structural steel (spanning up to 25m in length installed 12m off the floor), and interior insulated wall panelling (installed on the roof and walls up to 11m above floor level across a 15m span) and the specialist surface finishing for this very modern and advanced food processing facility.