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"They have achieved a seamless and almost invisible strengthening and repair of one of New Zealand's most well-regarded modern buildings. In terms of Christchurch's earthquake recovery, this represents a rare and welcome win for heritage architecture."

Richard McGowan, Principal Architect.

Originally constructed in 1962, the building on Cambridge Terrace, like many in Christchurch, had been subject to damage from the Canterbury Earthquakes. C. Lund & Son Ltd were commissioned during 2013 to undertake repair and restoration work to the structure, with the aim of maintaining its original appearance.

Structural works included the installation of new foundations to buttress the existing ones, along with strengthening of the ground and first floor walls. Foundation and column reinforcement involved first cutting out the floor and trenching along the existing foundation before pouring new foundations to buttress the existing ones.

One of the interior walls was strengthened through the installation of a 100mm thick insitu shear wall along one side, while the majority of the concrete block walls were drilled and subsequently filled with grout. Carbon fibre was also used to form a skin wall on one of the interior walls, which was coated with a plaster finish, and is now virtually undetectable.